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The Hong Kong Foundry Association, also known as the Hong Kong Foundry Association, is the only industry leader in the Hong Kong casting industry and enjoys high recognition and influence both domestically and internationally. It is a unified and efficient industry leadership organization that has outlined a new blueprint for enhancing the level of the association, maximizing industry strength, and optimizing industry resources. It has injected new impetus into the leadership and promotion of the entire industry in the new situation, carrying forward the past and opening up the future.
In terms of industry scale, the association currently has more than 500 member enterprises, gathering a group of well-known and powerful large enterprises and some listed companies mainly in South China and covering various parts of the country. The vast majority of member enterprises have companies and production bases in Hong Kong and mainland China, engaged in various casting manufacturing, environmental protection and die-casting equipment production, die-casting alloy production, raw material supply, casting product trade, casting surface treatment, and so on. The products we produce include daily household items, 3C products, toy products, automotive engine cylinder blocks, and components for large-scale equipment such as aerospace, with sales covering the world.
In terms of industry education and training, the association actively explores new ideas for talent cultivation in the casting industry and collaborates with Guangdong Lingnan Vocational and Technical College to establish the Lingnan Hong Kong Casting Industry College. For several years, both sides have jointly formulated talent training programs, teaching plans, developed training courses and textbooks. There is always a technical training department in the association, which arranges course training in cooperation with enterprises based on member needs every year. Experienced professionals are invited as lecturers, combining theory with practical operation for teaching. This teaching model of "experienced technicians walking onto the podium and moving the classroom to the enterprise" has received praise from many students. In addition, the association also cooperates with other local associations such as the China Foundry Association to participate in training courses organized by other associations.
The "Cross Strait and Three Regions Foundry Industry Cooperation Forum" jointly organized by the Hong Kong Foundry Association, the China Foundry Association, and the Taiwan Foundry Industry Association has not only successfully promoted win-win cooperation, but also become an important platform for exchange and cooperation in the casting industry between Hong Kong, mainland China, and Taiwan. At the same time, there is close cooperation with international industry organizations such as the BRICS Foundry Industry Federation and the Asian Foundry Industry.
In terms of overseas and exhibition affairs, the Hong Kong Foundry Association has been hosting die casting exhibitions since 2011 and has successfully held ten sessions so far. In recent years, the association has jointly organized the International Casting Exhibition with Hong Kong Xuntong Exhibition Company. The number of booths is in short supply each year, and the number of exhibitors and visitors is increasing year by year. The 2019 Casting Industry Exhibition has moved to Shenzhen, the world's largest international exhibition center, with advanced facilities and complete supporting facilities. At present, the Casting Industry Exhibition has become the most authoritative and influential die casting exhibition in South China. The casting and die casting industry is a large platform that integrates commerce, exchange, and cooperation, promoting the healthy and stable development of the industry. The four-day exhibition injects new technologies, new impetus, and new directions into the die-casting and casting industry chain. During the exhibition, diversified activities will also be held, such as the Best Casting Competition, special seminars, and demonstrations of modern die-casting industrial production lines. In addition, since 2017, the association has cooperated with the China Foundry Association to hold the China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition in Shanghai every year, expanding the association's promotional resources, overseas customer base, and popularity.
All members of the Hong Kong Foundry Association will continue to fulfill the functions of the association under the leadership of Ms. Leung Siu Ya, the president, providing a service platform for members, promoting communication and business development among members. Further strengthen the close contacts between the Hong Kong Federation and mainland die-casting and casting industry associations, association organizations, and industry enterprises, as well as exchange and cooperation with overseas industry institutions. Carry out various academic conferences, exchange meetings, technical training, summit forums, exhibitions, and cooperation in talent cultivation.
The association also conducts in-depth investigations into the industry and provides suggestions for national policies. While fulfilling its functions, it warmly invites powerful enterprises from various industries to join and become a member of the Hong Kong Foundry Association. Together with outstanding enterprises in the casting industry, it promotes the growth of its own enterprises and promotes industry development.

Joining hands with excellent enterprises in the casting industry to promote their own growth and drive industry development

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