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TSF project
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Project background

In recent years, Turkey's automotive casting parts market has experienced rapid and continuous growth, demonstrating strong market resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the rapid growth of the local market, the demand for high-quality casting parts in the Turkish automotive industry is also increasing.
To seize these new business expansion opportunities, the Hong Kong Foundry Association has actively applied for funding from the Trade and Industry Department’s 「Trade and Industry Organization Support Fund」 (TSF) and has successfully received approval. The Hong Kong Foundry Association, in its capacity as the organizing body, has entrusted the project to the Hong Kong Productivity Council, to jointly assist Hong Kong SMEs in expanding into the Turkish automotive manufacturing market and promote the advanced casting capabilities of local industry in precision casting technology.

Project objective

To provide opportunities for Hong Kong's foundry industry to expand their business in the Turkish automotive market by promoting the advanced capability of Hong Kong's foundry industry in the production of high quality automotive metal casting parts using precision casting technology.

Supporting Organisations:
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